boat charter in Croatia

Well, it is adorable and there's a powerful fortress on the hill, a lot to see, like the Venetian Loggia, and lots of beach clubs. But it is also crowded and overrun with daytripping cruisers and intoxicated partiers who love sing along to some tub-thumping tune. We weren't there in Komiza long enough to go into the island away from the middle, and it's unfair to judge a destination on its busy port. It is a very walkable city of cobblestone roads, woody routes a walk along the coast past many beach clubs. My Croatian friend Anton told me to look out for Falko, a beach restaurant and bar that was mellow and brilliant, that has been a terrific spot to spend the day. yacht charter Croatia cheap

There is a yacht the ideal way to see this part of Croatia, a property of isles that are amazing. A yacht in charter will not often be better than a yacht with friends with strangers. Existing sailors will need no convincing that there is a yacht the ideal way to experience a coastline. But Theyturned this shore girl whenever the opportunity arose who dived into the sea.

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